Origin Service

The art of packing at your residence will be the first and vital step towards safe arrival of your goods at destination. All packing personnel are trained and qualified to certain standards. We ensure that our experienced crew using only quality materials will professionally pack every item. All items will be sealed and marked in your presence and a packing inventory list will be prepared to account for every carton packed.

Customs Clearance

We will clear customs for all shipments with customers' documentations, such as passport, work permit or copies.


Destination Service

Our careful delivery service includes unloading, unpacking, setting up the furniture and placed in the area specified by you, removal of debris at your new house.


















   Packing materials


Paper cartons and plastic boxes - different sizes:


Small - (50*35*35cm), Medium - (40*40*40cm)


Flat packed clothing  (90*50*30cm)


Hanging clothing - (110*50*50cm)


Burble wrap - For wrapping electric appliance and breakable items.


       Mould and mildew prevention gel -

      For clothing & articles.(for storage and  international move)


       White news print packing paper - For wrapping all assorted items.


Labels - For placing on cartons and furniture that stays.


       Hardboard sheets -

       For wrapping protecting painting and fragile furniture.


Wool blanket - For wrapping all furniture.


Miscellaneous - Marker pen, tapes, cutter.



Gentle Reminder


To avoid it being mispacked into the cartons by packers and or any loss, please make sure to put all your valuables, such as jewelry, cash, bank book, checks - personal/bank, coin collections, collector's memorabilia, credit cards, watches, medications or prescription eyewear, stamp collections or rare documents, i.e. passport, air ticket, tax papers, bank loans in your hand carry luggage.


TRANSPORTATION - Reliable, On-time


1.    We have a modern fleet of trucks (with successful vehicle inspection record) at your choice to tailor your various needs: 0.6 Ton, 1 Ton, 3 Ton, 5 Ton.


2.   Our truck driver has met these stringent standards:

Successful written and over-the-road tests

Successful physical exam and drug screening





Another key element to supply chain management is warehousing. The proper storage and tracking of inventory ensures delivery times are met and asset management costs are reduced.


Our warehouse facility has remotely monitored security system(surveilance camera), fire alarm/protection systems. We offer an affordable price if you have any furniture and belongings to store.



Quality Assurance


As part of the program, Eagles Moving's Quality Management department contacts customers for feedback about how we are performing. The feedback is retrieved through written customer satisfaction surveys and telephone conversations, and is used to help us improve the services we provide.



It is always advisable to purchase insurance for your move as it covers risks for your processions. We have insurance arrangement for local move, office move and storage insurance. Valuables, such as currency, jewelry, watches, coin and stamp collections are not covered by insurance. We recommend that you arrange separate coverage and hand carry to destination. All insurance does not apply on self-packed items.

Pet Handling



There are 2 ways about pet handling -


Take your pet either by check in as cargo or hand carry by yourself.

Our careful pet handling supervisor will coordinate your pet's relocation from necessary pre-paperwork(vaccination, details of pets)  to arrival or departure arrangements 

Office Move

Eagles Moving has years of experience in providing office and industrial relocation services. Our team is made up of professionals who are trained to handle virtually every type of office and industrial relocation, such as, company wide office moves, removal and installation of systems furniture.


The whole plan including

1.      Pre-move planning and coordination with all departments    


2.      Thorough preparation of move sites (including wall-padding and

         floor protection.

3.      Careful packing, dismantling and moving of office files, equipment

         and furniture.

4.      Removal of the debris and cleaning up the office area.


        Home Seaching Service




      Moving into a new home is perhaps one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of an international relocation. Indeed, conducting a thorough home search and addressing all related legal necessities and paperwork is a daunting task. Ensuring a smooth transition requires the input of a professional who understands both the local real estate market and the specific needs of the client. At Ambassador, we represent you and not the landlord. We screen all potential homes and arrange all visits and appointments. Additionally, we are able to assist the assignee with contract negotiations, document translation and inventory and inspection on move in day. In certain regions where available homes are either limited or very unique, our destination counselors will work with the assignee (and family members) to better guide them on rental options. Additionally, we are able to assist our clients with contract negotiations and document translation.


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